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sar_kkastic's Journal

15 January
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Hello and welcome again!

This journal is created from kkastic and used for graphic’s only.

It started as a little side journal with all my fanfiction, wallpaper and my arashi collection. I first started working on layouts at the beginning of 2008 for personal use only, but then later in the first half of the year, I began to share my works.

You can also find other graphics such as; wallpapers, icons, profile layouts and various arashi scans (shop photos only for now).

- Don’t change the layouts (no color or header changes etc)
- Don’t steal the layouts (mark them as yours)
- Don’t use them as base codes (since that would be the same as changing my layouts)

as you can see only basic rules! =)

How to SEE my works:
I sat my journal to friends only. Adding me as a friend is not enough, please write a comment in the friends only entry (the first entry) to be approved. A simple ‚please add me’ is enough, I don’t need anything more! I will add you back as friend; don’t worry I won’t read your private things. I’m not interested in them!

Anything else?
If you have questions, or feedback (as to what needs to be changed in a layout etc) please feel free to contact me sar_kkastic or private kkastic.

Lastly; Please enjoy my works =)